Heavy metal for the manufacture of tools, balancing mass, rivet mug or grinder holder

12 May 2016
For many years, The PEDERSEN GROUP has designed and developed heavy alloys based on tungsten, for the manufacture of parts and industrial tools.

Range of products :
Fabricant de masse d'équilibrage en métal lourd

Balancing weights

Fabricant de tas de rivetage en métal lourd

Pile of riveting

Fabricant de tasseau porte-meule en métal lourd

Grinding wheel holder

  • Grinding pins
  • Gyroscopic masses
  • Ballast
  • Protection in X-ray and therapeutic radiology
  • Ultrasonic reflectors

We offer products in the form of rough blanks, finished parts, or loose granules.

Heavy metal applications for the manufacture of balancing weight, bucking bars or wheel-head attachment:

From their physical properties arise their applications: high density requiring little bulk, high modulus of elasticity, very high absorption coefficient for penetrating radiation, remarkable resistance to striking an electric arc, very high melting point of all metals, good mechanical resistance and machinability.

our grades :