Our services: sharpening, grinding, brazing, Epoxy Bonding and engineering

24 November 2022

1.CN & Traditional Sharpening :

We offer asharpening service, for your Carbide, HSS & PCD tools, with PVD / CVD coatings, thus ensuring a high level of precision and finishing allowing your tools to return to their original quality.

affûtage outil coupant
société d'affûtage outil de coupe

2.Grinding :

We provide a Centerless grinding service with or without polishing as well as all grinding operations on CNC and conventional grinding machines.
We rectify tungsten carbide, , ceramics and Tantung. For other materials, please contact our sales department.

rectification centerless tungstène, aciers, céramique, tantung


We provide a service of Brazing (torch and induction) carbide on steel support.
We braze carbide, diamond and CBN on all types of supports. We specialize in the brazing of long carbide elements (eg centerless rules and guides)

entreprise de brasage chalumeau et induction, brasage carbure
brasage carbure diamant, cbn

4.Epoxy Bonding

For some applications when brazing is very difficult or even impossible we offer bonding service (for temperatures up to 100°C in use)

collage résistant haute température

5.Refurbishing and Engineering

Our technicians are at your disposal for all studies mainly in the field of wear.We offer a service of refurbishing also called recoating. Operation particularly interesting with tools whose body represents a significant part of the final price.

conception pièce usure, engineeing