fabricant masse d'équilibrage en métal lourd

Balancing weights

We manufacture balancing weights, made of heavy metal (density 17.6 to 18.5) for:

  • Balancing propellers, helicopter blades and engine crankshafts.
  • Realization of rudder, radar equipment, damping components.

fabricant d'outils diamant électrodéposés GRP pipes

GRP pipes electroplated diamond tools

We manufacture a full range of tools for machining glass fiber reinforced polyester resins (GRP). Proposed either new or recoating service:

  • Grinding drums,
  • Calibration wheels,
  • Grooving wheels,
  • Chamfering wheels,
  • Noiseless blades / wheels,
  • Blade,
  • Drills,
  • Holesaw,
  • etc…

couteau circulaire industriel en carbure

Circular knives and counter knives

Circular knives and counter knives made of tungsten carbide or HSS. We also re-sharpen your circular knives

fabricant de pièce agricole en carbure, métal lourd

Agricultural parts: inserts and brazing on support

Pedersen manufactures parts for agriculture.

Inserts and brazing on a support find their applications on plowshares, seeders,….

fabricant de contrelames carbure pour granulateur

Granulator plates

Knurled barrel NF standard – all barrels according to plan – Realization according to customer plan of matrix in solid carbide, fretted carbide, sintered steel, ferritan (titanium carbide)

fabricant couteau d'écorceuse

Debarking knives

The debarking knife is intended, as its name suggests, for the forest industry to remove bark from trees in sawmills.

fabricant de pièce de robinetterie industrielle

Seats, Valves, Chokes, Bearing, Sealing rings, anti corrosion parts

Industrial valves, pumps, chemical, oil and nuclear application parts.

Textile knives

For the textile industry, we manufacture tungsten carbide knives and also with PCD insert (mainly carbon and fiberglass cut).

crépine carbure pour l'industrie du pétrole et l'agro-alimentaire


Carbide strainers are mainly intended for grinding sludge during extraction on an oil platform, but they also find their applications in the packaging and food industry.

pièce spéciale carbure rectifiée

Special parts carbide rectified

We can produce all types of parts on request

PCD static tools (knives, stoppers, inserts, work rest blades, fingers, guides …)

fabricant doigt de malaxeur en carbure

Kneader finger

The carbide kneader finger is a mixing-grinding machines equipment for an extended lifetime.

Plaquettes de forme et plaquettes hélicoïdales à braser

Pre-shaped and helical plates to be brazed

Preform blanks according to drawing. The helical plates exist in different sections and are forged to the desired diameter and length on request. Can be produced with center cut.

Fabricant d'ébauche en carbure, carbure de forme, outil tournant

Various blanks (custom shaped carbide, rotating tools, rectangular blanks, drilled blanks)

  • Carbide preforms
  • Rotating tool blanks: Blanks for drills, milling cutters, with central bore and coolant holes
  • Drilled rectangular blanks: For cutting tools
  • Drill head heels

Fabricant de poinçon de compression, d'emboutissage, de découpe, bouterolle


We produce several types of punches such as :

  • compression punches,
  • cutting punches,
  • stamping punches,
  •  as well as riveting pin

Fabricant d'ébauche, noyau d'outil de frappe

Cold stamping tool blanks

Realization of all striking tool cores, of all shapes, grades intended for striking from G2 to GT60

fabricant éjecteur en carbure pour concasseur

Crushing ejectors (BARMAC type)

The carbide ejector for crusher is used in the field of public works for stone crushing.

fabricant de pointe carbure de rectification

Carbide-tipped dead centers

Manufacture and repair of carbide-tipped dead centers (Morse taper, Schaudt, Tacchella, special …)

Fabricant filière à brique et peigne carbure pour fabrication de tuile

Brick dies / Tile making tools

Realization of cores for die and carbide combs for the manufacture of bricks and tiles.

fabricant de réglette de plongée et enfilade, butée, carbure et pcd

Work Rest Blades for Centerless Grinding machines (Carbide / PCD) in through feed and end feed

We manufacture and repair various types of Work Rest Blades (Carbide and PCD) for all types of Centerless grinding machines (Rossi, Cincinnati, Ghiringhelli, Lidkoping, Bordier, Agathon, Estarta, Danobat, Microrex, Palmary, Paragon, Bocca, Schaublin, ESO…). We also realize the stoppers.

fabricant de foret carbure, foret pcd, forets spéciaux

Drills (carbide – PCD – 3/4 PCD – step drill for clutches / brakes – special)

  • Carbide drills
  • PCD drills
  • 3/4 PCD drills
  • Step drills for Clutches / brakes
  • Special drills

Fabricant tas de rivetage en métal lourd

Bucking bars

We manufacture all types of diving and row strips (Rossi, Cincinnati, Ghiringhelli, Lidkoping, Bordier, Agathon, Estarta, Danobat, Microrex, Palmary, Paragon, Bocca, Schaublin ESO…). We also realize the stops.

fabricant de fraises carbure, HSS et Tantung, fraise spéciale sur plan

Carbide, HSS, Tantung drills & cutters, custom made

We produce all types of drills and cutters in various materials:

  • Carbide milling cutters,
  • HSS milling cutters,
  • Tantung milling cutters,
  • Custom made milling cutters.

fabricant de fraise à lamer PCD aéronautique

PCD counterbores and PCD special milling cutters

Counterbores intended for the aeronautical industry for the installation of rivets on aircraft fuselage.
Optical application cutter.

fraise de granulateur hss, fraise à plaquette carbure brasé

Granulator cutters

We manufacture cutters (Meccanoplastica, Scheer, Rieter granulators…) for the production of plastic granules. These cutters are made of HSS or with brazed carbide inserts. We provide new tool as well as sharpening and repairing service.

Fabricant matrice d'emboutissage carbure et canon de perçage

Drilling guns – Cutting and stamping dies

Standard DIN 172 and DIN 179 barrels; NF types C, D, E and M
Knurled barrel NF standard – all barrels according to plan – Realization according to customer plan of matrix in solid carbide, fretted carbide, sintered steel, ferritan (titanium carbide)

fabricant lames et plaquettes de broyage

Grinding blades and plates

We manufacture your blades and grinding plates on carbide or HSS custom made.

fabricant de billes en carbure

Carbide balls

Mainly intended for metrology or for the manufacture of precision tools, these are highly precise carbide balls within micron tolerance.

tasseau porte meule en métal lourd pour rectifieuse

Heavy metal grinding wheel holder

The anti-vibration property of heavy metal is perfectly suited to spindles with very high rotational speeds on CNC grinding machines.

molette coupe-carreaux arbure

Tile cutters

We manufacture tile cutters for machine Tomecanic, Boada, Joker…

Bonding nozzles

The carbide bonding nozzle is a Tool for automatic gluing machines in the field of metal and cardboard packaging.

Sandblasting nozzles

These carbide sandblasting nozzles are produced according to drawing full carbide or mounted in a steel body.

Disque diamant, CBN pour tronçonnage carbure, acier, céramique

Diamond and CBN blades metallic or resin bond

We make these diamond and CBN blades using a metallic or a resin bond for cutting carbide, treated steel, ceramic and other hard materials.

PCD static tools (knives, stops, inserts, rules, fingers, guides …)

Specific tools for the machining of polycarbonates, carbon-reinforced polyester or fiberglass, Kevlar and other composite materials.

Extrusion punches / tube drawing dies

The drawing dies are intended to stretch a metal wire until the desired diameter is obtained. Same principle for tubes.

Notching rollers, rolling, forming

We produce rolling rollers, notching rollers in tungsten carbide for use on cold rolling lines of notched and smooth wires.

Dressing grains / Cutting sleeves

Pedersen manufactures dressing grains and cutting sleeves, tools for wire straightening and cutting machines.

Carbide-tipped dead centers

Manufacture and repair of carbide-tipped dead centers (Morse taper, Schaudt, Tacchella, special …)

Clamping grips

Brazed inserts on clamping jaws

Fabricant de trépans diamantés par dépôt électrolytique

Electroplated diamond tools: Holesaws

Pedersen specializes in the manufacture of carbide wear parts. We make diamond drill bits by electroplating

fabricant outillage diamant sur plan

Electro-deposited diamond tools: Special

We produce electroplated tools custom made.

guide en carbure ou PCD pour machine-outil


We produce all kinds of guides for machine tools or other applications, in carbide or PCD.

fabricant de disque diamant sur plan

Electroplated diamond tools: Discs

Production of diamond disc for cutting applications in fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar parts. Standard and custom made.

Fabricant de meules diamant et CBN, meule de rectification, meules d'affutage, meules de polissage, meules spéciales

Diamond and CBN wheels

We manufacture diamond and CBN grinding wheels, sharpening wheels, polishing wheels, special wheels for carbide / steel applications.

fabricant de marteau de frappe en carbure

Rotary swaging dies

Designed for tube and cylinder forming machines (Felss, Heinrich Müller, Stevens & Bullivant, GrosLambert, Krollmann, Fenn…)

limes diamant, riffloirs

Diamond files (needle, Geneva…)

We have a large stock of standard diamond files and riflers. We can produce files of special shapes or non-standard grain sizes on request.

dresseur diamant pointe unique

Diamond dressers

The diamond dresser is either a single points, multipoint, or concretions made with natural diamond or MCD (synthetic monocrystalline)